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A decoupage Napkin with a snowman in brown hat holding a small bird.

Crafting a Vintage Snowman Christmas Ornament with Donna at Mason Creations Etc.

Join us at Decoupagenapkins.com for an enchanting crafting experience, as Donna from Mason Creations Etc. guides you through creating a Vintage Snowman Christmas Ornament. This video tutorial is not just a crafting guide; it's a journey into the world of creative expression, perfect for both novice and expert crafters. 


In this tutorial, Donna masterfully employs the decoupage technique, using one of  our charming Snowman Napkins as the main decorative element. The intricate details of the napkin are flawlessly adhered to a plastic ornament with the help of mod podge. However, Donna would recommend using Polyvine Decorators Varnish, which doubles as an adhesive and durable top coat.

The magic unfolds as Donna introduces the Fine Line Crackle Varnish by Pentart, skillfully applied to give the ornament an aged porcelain look. This two-step varnish process, a crafter's delight, is instrumental in achieving the vintage crackle finish that adds character to the ornament. The back of the ornament is transformed into a faux wood backing with the creative use of molds and paint. We have a wide selection of paint products here at DecoupageNapkins.com that would work well on an ornament project.

Whether you are looking to add a handmade touch to your Christmas decorations or searching for a special gift, this tutorial offers inspiration and practical tips to help you create your own masterpiece.

Embrace the spirit of the season and start your crafting journey today with Decoupagenapkins.com! 🎄✨🎨