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a wood frame that has been decorated by Mixed media for Fall with Polyvine products and decoupage papers from Decoupagenapkins.com

Crafting Fall with Mixed Media

Discover the allure of autumn with Donna from Mason Creations in her latest Mixed Media Tutorial. In this session, Donna channels the rustic elegance of fall, transforming a 9x12 canvas into an art piece that resonates with the season’s warmth.

Embarking on this creative journey, Donna skillfully repurposes a canvas, preparing the frame with modeling paste and setting a sturdy watercolor board as her canvas. She picks the perfect rice paper from our extensive collection at Decoupagenapkins.com, adhering it with Polyvine Decorators Varnish — a product that superbly doubles as an adhesive and a sealant.

The frame receives a delicate off-white paint base, prepping the stage for the Polyvine Craquelure system's magic, a specialty product that instills an authentic crackled patina. But the true sparkle comes from another unique Polyvine product — the Glitter Glaze. This subtle yet enchanting addition brings a shimmering effect to the artwork, reflecting the light and mimicking the glistening dew on autumn leaves.

Donna applies the Glitter Glaze with a light hand, ensuring the glittery finish enhances without overpowering the piece's natural charm. The result is a dynamic yet refined texture that dances across the frame, much like sunlight through the falling leaves.

To complete the masterpiece, Donna secures the creation with Polyvine Heavy-Duty Wood Varnish, available at Decoupagenapkins.com, safeguarding her work from UV and wear. The tutorial is not just a craft lesson; it's a gateway to artistic expression, showing how with the right materials and a touch of glitter, you can create a season-inspired piece that truly shines.

Embrace the festive spirit and let your creativity sparkle with Donna's full tutorial and our curated selection of Polyvine products at Decoupagenapkins.com.