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Mixed Media Magic: A Halloween Craft with Donna from Mason Creations etc.

Mixed Media Magic: A Halloween Craft with Donna from Mason Creations etc.

Hello crafty souls! 🎃

Today, we're introducing an enchanting Halloween mixed media project by our talented friend, Donna, from Mason Creations etc. This isn't your average craft; Donna takes us on a spooky journey that's equal parts adorable and spine-chilling – making it the perfect DIY to get you in the Halloween spirit!

For the crackle effect, we carry a similar product to what Donna uses and it is the: Polyvine Craquelure System comprised of a base coat, top coat and accent highlighter. Check it out!

Starting with a simple framed chalkboard, Donna transforms it with decoupage, using rice paper and the much-loved Polyvine decorators varnish. She breathes life into a cobalt blue raven using stencils from a Cricut machine, and oh, how it shines with a gloss of high-varnish! But she doesn’t stop there. She delves into the world of potions, crafting bottles that look like they've been plucked straight from a witch's lair. Each bottle gets a unique touch with different crackle varnish techniques, pearlescent paints, and antiquing with oil paint. The project rounds off with marbled effects and rustic clay embellishments that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

At its core, Donna's creation showcases the delightful dance between decoupage, stenciling, crackle varnish, and oil painting. If you're a crafting enthusiast looking for a fun, eerie project this Halloween season, Donna’s got you covered. Grab your craft supplies (and maybe some candy corn for munching), and let's create something boo-tiful together!

Happy crafting and Happy Halloween! 🎨👻