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white bottle with blue butterfly on blue background of Polyvine's Wood Varnish Products

Introducing Polyvine's Wood Varnish and Lacquers

At DecoupageNapkins.com we are thrilled to introduce our latest range of crafting products – the esteemed Polyvine Varnishes and Lacquers.

A UK-based family enterprise with an illustrious 40-year history, Polyvine has a sterling reputation in Europe as a frontrunner in the varnish and lacquer realm. Its dynamic suite of products, tailored to the furniture refurbishment and upcycling sectors, can be effortlessly adapted to decoupage crafting.

One of the most frequent questions we get from our community revolves around the best way to safeguard their artistic creations against wear, heat, stains, and yellowing. Our answer is simple - Polyvine. In our experience, no other product rivals Polyvine for its transparent diamond hard finish and robustness. Allow us to guide you through each product in detail, illustrating their applications.

Decorator's Varnish

Grouping of white bottles with Blue Butterflies showing Wood Varnish from Polyvine Decorator's Varnish

Polyvine's Decorator’s Varnish is the ideal solution for professional and hobbyist decorators seeking a premium, enduring finish. This flagship Polyvine product, being water-based, lacks the harmful emissions associated with other finishes. The varnish is perfect for use on latex or acrylic paint, wood and other surfaces, providing lasting protection against fingerprints, stains, abrasion, and color fading.

Decoupage artists can use Decorator's Varnish as an alternative to other decoupage adhesives, such as Mod Podge, thereby streamlining the process. This unique, clear acrylic varnish harnesses nanotechnology to safeguard a variety of decorative surfaces, including paintwork, wallpaper, fabric, wood, and plasterwork. Its UV blocking and absorption capabilities curtail aging and degradation, making it the preferred choice for many. Applying additional layers affords even greater protection. The varnish is available in gloss, satin, or dead flat finishes, allowing you to select according to your desired aesthetic.

Heavy Duty Wood Varnish

A grouping of white bottles of wood varnish from Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish

For projects destined for high wear areas like doors, wooden worktops, tabletops, furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelves, or wood paneling, Heavy Duty Wood Varnish is your ally. Two to three coats deliver a hard, fast-drying, and quick-curing varnish. It's perfect even for small items like serving trays and decorative coasters due to its heat and water resistant properties.

Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish

a group of white bottles of Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish on a rock slab

Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish is recommended for indoor or outdoor projects. It offers full UV blockage, waterproofing, and protection against mildew. It is suitable for a range of materials, including flagstone, pavers, brick, stone, slate, tile, wood, flooring, worktops, and concrete. Its advanced water-based, cross-linked polyurethane formulation with cutting-edge resin technology delivers the highest level of protection in a single-pack solution. UV blocking and absorption slows down the graying, aging, and deterioration of surfaces. It is available in satin and dead flat finishes, and for full UV protection, apply two coats of satin before a final coat of dead flat.

Multi-Surface Lacquer

a white bottle of Polyvine Multi-Surface Lacquer

Multi-Surface Lacquer was uniquely engineered by Polyvine as a varnish solution across a wide range of surfaces. It adheres to plastics, glass, metal, wood, latex-acrylic-chalk paint surfaces, ceramic, tile and laminate. It is heat-resistant, very fast drying, water and stain resistant and has an extremely hard and durable finish.

This product is one of the only varnishes worldwide which works over the top of Rub on Transfers. For this reason, it is a uniquely suited varnish for Furniture Upcycle projects which utilize these transfer papers. It is also great for use over gold leaf. This highly desirable crystal clear lacquer is available in dead flat, satin, and gloss finish.

Wax Finish Varnish

White bottle with red and blue tags of Polyvine's Wax Finish Varnish

Wax Finish Varnish is a favorite among the furniture upcycling community. This product imparts the smooth feel of wax combined with the hardiness of varnish. It delivers a unique, traditional wax-like finish and comes in a high-performance satin or non-reflective finish. Wax Finish Varnish is reminiscent of well-preserved furniture, while maintaining the natural appearance of the wood. 


Acrylic Crackle Glaze

a white bottle with black label of Polyvine's Acrylic Crackle Glaze

For those breathtaking cracked paint effects, Polyvine’s Acrylic Crackle Glaze is the answer. This glaze, when applied between two layers of latex or acrylic paint base coat, causes the top layer to crack, allowing the base coat color to peek through. It is ideal for furniture, pottery, trim work, decorative aged effects, picture frames, and more.

Acrylic Glass Frosting

white bottle with black and green label of Polyvine's Acrylic Glass Frosting

If you wish to infuse elegance onto a glass pane, mirror, glass jar or an ornament, this Acrylic Glass Frosting is your perfect choice. Use it with a stencil to create an etched glass effect and transform plain glass panels into beautiful art pieces. Ideal for windows, mirrors, shower screens, frosted glass effects, and decorative stencil effects.

We anticipate that you'll enjoy these extraordinary products from Polyvine as much as we do. They not only enhance your project's aesthetics but also ensure its longevity with professional-grade durability. Let the magic of Polyvine unlock the doors to your creative expression!